Jeepers Creepers(a self-portrait)My art is a communicative instrument.
pon your first  look   at my work you may not capture the entire story.   Therefore, take your time to look deep into each piece;  & you will surely appreciate the tale that unfolds within the art.  Because (even though it is I who has brought each image to its fruition)  it is you who incorporates your life experiences into its interpretation giving each artwork its full meaning.                                                                                                                  -  Roberta Millman-Ide

Roberta Millman -Ide  received her BFA in Advertising Design (after completing a juried portfolio Advertising Design Program) from California State University, Long Beach (along with a Minor in Business Marketing with a focus on Human Behavior); and, post-graduation, she continued her art education at the Art Center of Pasadena (California). Upon graduating from CSULB she worked as an Art Director for two well-known Advertising Agencies (in Southern California) before moving to the east coast and starting her own advertising & graphic design company.  And, although she still designs artists’ & art org websites, she also uses Art as a vehicle that bonds and creates a team building experience in her Corporate Team Building Workshops. In addition, she gives presentations and workshops on marketing yourself as an artist. Roberta’s primary focus has been on creating and exhibiting her own artwork (on a regular basis) since 2006. She has exhibited her artwork throughout the United States; and, (in May 2012) while attending an Artist Residency in Israel, she exhibited and sold one of her woven art pieces in the Nahariya Museum.   Also, while in Israel, Roberta (along with two other artists) collaborated in creating a large sculpture (of two dancing figures), titled “Together”.  It is now on permanent display on the grounds of the Heritage Museum in Nahariya, Israel.  From 2006-14, Roberta was juried into a number of New York Art Organizations and sat on multiple Boards serving as VP Membership, Exhibitions Committee and Coordinator as well as Exhibition Liaison between (New York City headquartered) NAWA and their out-of-state Exhibitions.  She has also served as a juror for NAWA National Exhibitions and juried new members into the NAWA organization.  In 2014, Roberta made Florida her home. Not long after moving to Florida she became the Vice President of the Florida Chapter; and then went on to become the President of the National Association of Women Artists- Florida Chapter and continued to serve in this role , stepping down in the Fall of 2022 to pursue more exhibition opportunities for NAWAFL artists in her own homestead of Palm Beach County, Florida. (note: all NAWA board positions were volunteer only).

During her NAWAFL Presidency, Roberta created a vital Chapter by expanding their exhibitions throughout the State of Florida.  And this was made possible by establishing a more inclusive NAWAFL Board with coordinators from all over the State (as meetings were done online instead of at a physical location).  This also made the Florida Chapter one that not only survived but really thrived (throughout the venue closures & overall ‘shelter in place’ regulations during the 2020 pandemic) by expanding these online meetings to include exhibits, and presentations that still continue to our present day.  Roberta divides her time to also create websites for artists and art organizations; as well as having taught art privately & giving Corporate Team Building Workshops through Collaborative Art.  In October 2022, she was honored by and inducted into her Oceanside High School’s Hall of Fame for her work & accomplishments in the Arts.  Roberta’s life, in the Arts, is a busy one… but she always finds time, between everything she is involved with, to devote most of her time to create her fine art. Her work is narrative as she views Art to be a valuable source of communication & storytelling. She has created her own unique style by a fusion of Conceptual, Illustrative and Contemporary Representation blended onto a single canvas in multiple mediums.  She is both a National and International Exhibiting Artist.  Her work can be found in galleries, boutiques and in private collections throughout the United States and in other parts of the world.

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National Association of Women Artists   (Juried into organization in 2010-present)-headquartered in NYC http://www.thenawa.org/
National Association of Women Artists-Florida Chapter   (2014-present)  PRESIDENT  2017-2022 http://nawafl.com/
American Society of Contemporary Artists   (Juried into Organization and Member - October, 2012 to September, 2017); NYC;


favorite quotes: 
"I dream my paintings then paint my dreams." - Van Gogh   
"She couldn't keep her colors inside the lines...so she drew new lines." - anonymous

 The Art of Roberta Millman-Ide