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About Me    I am currently an exhibiting Fine Artist (with over 15 years’ experience as an Advertising Art Director working for two major California Ad Agencies before starting my own company).   I earned a BFA Degree in Advertising/Graphic Design and I received a Minor in Marketing (at California State University, Long Beach).   And, in addition to utilizing my marketing background to promote myself and my artwork, I have chosen to use my design skills to build other Artists' websites. 

Designing Websites  is obviously a source of income for me;  but more importantly, it’s taken on a purpose.  I have met and have seen the work of so many amazing artists who are barely visible to the world.  I feel that by giving artists the chance to have their artwork visible on the internet (and by guiding them in their self-promoting), I am actually creating an environment for a higher standard in Art.  One in which Galleries (hopefully) will discover these talented artists who otherwise may not have been seen. 

Please let me know if you wish to use my services to create a beautiful web presence, for you, on the internet.
Remember (geography is not often a factor)... the magic of the Internet is that we don’t need to be connected, in person, to stay connected on the Internet.  I have been able to create and maintain websites, for my clients, via our email correspondence.  Please email me for more information and my design fees.”   The following are some of my Clients' Websites: ; ;
....or.... visit the following websites which I created (and maintain) for Art Organizations:


Workshop on Promoting Yourself as an Artist 

In addition to creating websites...
I utilize my marketing background to teach other artists how to self-promote.  I give individual presentations on how, what, why and which applications we use on our computer that are specific for the artist's needs; and I offer Workshops that teach artists how to self-promote.

My workshop is called “Promoting Yourself as an Artist Shouldn’t be an Abstract Idea”.  The Workshops can be done as a 2 ½ hour PowerPoint Presentation (with one short break) followed with Q & A’s.   But, in order to best retain the marketing skills taught, I recommend a minimum of one (or two) all-day (6 hour) workshop given on Saturday or Sunday (which includes a break for lunch).  This allows for more Q&A as well as some live-time demonstrations (and, if participants can bring their laptops, there is time for hands on utilization of what we learn).  The workshop can also be setup as a Workshop/Class over a 6 week period, meeting once/week, for two hours . This workshop/class is divided into a combination of PP presentation & hands-on applications with some work that can be completed at home to reinforce computer & marketing skills learned in class.  The General Outline (for this six-week course) class curriculum will expand on and utilize the basics learned from the shorter PowerPoint workshops. These cover such things as ‘The Tools of the Self-Promoter’, ‘Website Etiquette & Making the Most of your Post’, ‘To Blog or not to Blog’, ‘Tell me Who you are in 144 characters’ (this is followed by writing assignments creating your one or two paragraphs or full page Biographies as well as being creative in “Writing your Artist Statement” ), learning to ‘Write Press Releases’, ‘Should you be a Joiner’ (aka: which Art Organizations are right for you), ‘Spotting the legit from the faux ‘Pay to Play’ Juried Shows’ and ‘What is the Artist’s role at the Exhibition Reception (it’s more than just showing up)’.    This is a comprehensive Workshop/Course that will educate, outline and (in the six week course) create the materials that will Arm the Artist for The Business of Art .   

Contact me for pricing on the above as well as for information of my "Team Building Workshops" for both artists and non-artists.
Consider producing a work-of-art for your next Corporation's Team Building Experience.


"Alone we are just a candle in the be the fuel that inspires others to shine, one has the ability to illuminate the world."  - Roberta Millman-Ide